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Increase sales, boost Google reviews & elevate your customers experiences with impromptu gifts.



Up 10 x ROI

Drive Incremental Visits


The Art of


As a business owner, you know the power of a gift! It can set the tone for your relationship with the customer, especially if it is personalized and unexpected. An authentic gift with no hidden agenda can show your genuine appreciation.

Customer appreciation initiatives that are driven by a genuine desire, and go past the transaction to please the customer, can be very successful.

Emotionally engage your customers with small heartwarming gifts, and drive them back to your restaurant to spend up to 10X more


a smart tool designed to make your local business stand-out

Get More 5 Star Google Reviews

We make it simple for your customers to review your business on Google, so you can rank higher in Google search results. Google Reviews, increase brand trust, convert more customers, and increases your online exposure and local SEO.

In-House Complaints Management

Food gets burned, an order gets forgotten, the “dirty martini” is too sweet, or a new employee makes a mistake. Something is bound to go wrong though-out the day! We make responding to complaints and negative impressions easy.

Increase Your Current Gift Card Sales

We help you sell more gift cards through your current program, directly from your website to your current customers, with no additional fees, or extra effort. 

Digital Gift-aways

Surprise and emotionally engage your current customers with automatic gifts from your business. See them coming back to spend up to 10X more. 

Gamify Your Business

Elevate your customer’s experience with our gamification tools. Surprise and delight your customers with play & win gifts. 

Built for local

Organic Gifting with play & win gamification is the new way to build a brand, to last! It has no conditions, no expectations and no attachment to its outcomes, and it allows you to spend your own dollars (at food cost) to advertise! Your gift says “thank you,” and It reminds people that they are valued beyond being just a customer. Not only do you get more repeat customers, they also become your brand ambassadors. 

Our team started in the restaurant industry back in 2005, with more than 1.5 million meals served, and we are now on a mission to elevate customer experiences, for local businesses and their customers. 

Cost Effective

Gift Local

Build Community


Engage and surprise your customers with heartwarming gifts.


Elevate your customers experience with something new and fun.

Customer Acquisition

Your customers, stay with you.

No Contracts

Cancel at any time, no questions asked.

No Extra Equipment

Keep using your own POS and internal processes without adding more work for your employees. That simple.

Build Community

Gift back to your community and grow your business brand organically, through local non-profits.

Gift3r App Gamification

Game mechanics increases: customer engagement, sales and builds a strong community around your brand.

QR Code Enrollment

Make it easy for your customers to participate, simply by scanning your business QR code.

How It Works?


It takes 15 minutes to set-you up.


Simply ask your customers to join your Gift-aways club.


Enjoy immediate results.


Join today, help us shape the future, and receive exclusive early adopter pricing, including 90 days free, local partner advertising and more!

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