An Innovation in eGift Cards

For Givers & Receivers

Gift3r App is a fun, easy-to-use mobile app that’s FREE to use for eGift card givers and receivers.

Give and Receive eGift Cards

For Local Business

Local businesses increase leads and sales, and unlock revenue streams of the traditional gift card industry.

Get eGift Cards for Business

Instantly Surprise and Delight Your
Friends & Family with eGift Cards

Gift cards are a fun and easy way to share the joy of giving, but
which card should you give?

Will it get used or will it get lost or shoved in a drawer never to
be seen again?

With Gift3r App, your gift is always celebrated:

choose the perfect image
make it personal
send instantly

Get the Gifts You Want

No more gift cards from places you never shop! You’ll never lose or misplace another plastic gift card. With Gift3r App, you’re in control.

Get the Gifts You Want
Receive and redeem eGift cards

Receive and redeem eGift cards
from your mobile phone.

Add your favorite local business to your personal wish list

Add your favorite local business to
your personal wish list so people
know what you want.

Birthday reminder

Add your birthday and other special
events so your friends know when
to send you gifts.

Redeem eGift cards

Redeem eGift cards for FREE – no
fees and no expiration dates.

get gift cards instantly

Never again wait for a gift card by
snail mail — get gift cards instantly!

Invite friends to the Gift3r App Marketplace

Invite new local businesses and
friends to the Gift3r App

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How It Works

Increase Your Business’s Visibility
and Sales by Selling Your Own eGift

Gift cards are a powerful marketing tool, but traditional gift
card programs are expensive, difficult to integrate with POS
systems, and hard to maintain.

With access to our digital gift card marketplace, you can
effortlessly issue your own eGift cards, create promotions,
and grow your loyal customer base:

Create promote giftcard

Create, promote, and sell your branded
eGift cards in a few clicks on our
easy-to-use dashboard.

services discovered

Reach customers nearby who are
searching for products and services like
yours on our app.

increase sale

Sit back and watch your sales increase as
your business gets organic exposure on
our marketplace.

Bill Rovnak

Bill Rovnak

Owner, Salut Kitchen Bar, Tempe, AZ

“Gift3r App increased revenue an additional 70% on top of the gift card value. No other platform has done this for us at a minimum cost.”

Are you ready to increase your sales with eGift cards?

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